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Mr. Ahmed Loubani

Founder, CEO

Abu Dhabi

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Mr. Ahmed Loubani

Ahmed Loubani is the CEO of the Al Zaeem Real Estate Group in the United Arab Emirates. He is a dynamic and creative individual born with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Mr. Ahmed started his first company in 2010 at the age of 26. Since then, he has worked relentlessly to establish a solid track record in the industry. Under his direction, Al Zaeem has become an important component of the Abu Dhabi Real Estate market over the past 14 years. He maintains a proven track record of making things happen through his extensive network, giving him a reputation for turning ideas into reality.

Mr. Loubani recognises the value of active listening and is always attentive to their needs and concerns. Recognising and believing in the potential of each employee. Created a healthy and collaborative workplace where everyone feels respected and inspired to succeed. His efforts won him an excellent reputation in the real estate sector.

Mr. Loubani has established himself in the sector by his unwavering commitment in providing clients with honest and exceptional services. He possesses great leadership abilities, strong eye to details and a desire for excellence. He has an instinctive ability to recognise and develop the potential in his staff. Always taking into consideration the ideas and opinions of his staff and fosters supportive environments.  

The company’s expansion, including the construction of a branch in Dubai and the most recent opening of the satellite office in Mayan in Yas Island, demonstrates his strategic vision and ability to capitalise on emerging prospects. Under his energetic leadership, the AZCB Group has established itself as a reliable and forward-thinking company in the real estate market. He inspires his staff to exceed expectations by providing amazing value and exceptional service to clients around the UAE. Al Zaeem Real Estate will continue to explore and strive to become a household name.

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