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COVID-19’s effects on The UAE off plan Housing Market5 min read

  • 4 months ago
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COVID 19s effects on the UAE off plan housing market
UAE off-plan real estate has been common in the UAE. Travel restrictions, lockdowns, and an uncertain economy as a whole have made the real estate market difficult, especially in the early months of the outbreak. The off-plan housing sector in the UAE, which has been a major driver of growth in the real estate industry, was severely harmed by the epidemic. This is mostly due to the pandemic’s negative impact on property demand. When the epidemic spread over the world and many potential buyers—including foreigners—put their plans on hold, real estate sales substantially plummeted.

Reduction in demand

Also, the global economic slowdown brought on by the pandemic has made investors more cautious and reduced investment in the UAE off-plan property business. Due to customers’ need to reduce their spending and concentrate their funds as a result of job losses and pay decreases, there was a decline in the market for real estate investments. Because of the high amount of uncertainty surrounding the epidemic, many investors are holding onto their funds until the economic situation gets better.

Delays in infrastructure developments

The temporary suspension of several development projects is another issue that has affected the UAE off-plan real estate market in Dubai. The UAE government implemented several measures, including the temporary suspension of several building projects, to restrict the spread of the virus. This resulted in delays in the delivery of certain off-the-plan houses, adding to the market’s uncertainty.

Efforts made to advance

Despite the initial decline in the UAE off-plan real estate market, there are some indications that the industry is slowly recovering. The UAE government has taken several moves to support the real estate sector, including reducing the fees and taxes related to real estate transactions. The administration has also suggested a number of initiatives aimed at rebuilding the economy, such as promoting foreign investment and creating new jobs.

Increased rivalry

Also, the epidemic has increased competitiveness in the UAE off-plan housing market. Developers have had to engage in fierce competition to draw customers due to a lack of purchasers and an excess of available houses. To stand out from the competition, this has resulted in greater marketing activities and an emphasis on providing high-quality homes.


Also, developers in the UAE are employing more creative marketing strategies to draw in clients. Several developers have created virtual tours and other online experiences so that potential buyers may inspect homes from the comfort of their homes. Due to this, there is still considerable interest in the UAE off-plan real estate market in the United Arab Emirates.

Change in favour of sustainability

The epidemic has also caused the real estate sector to place a stronger emphasis on sustainability. Properties that are eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and created to encourage well-being are now being offered by developers. As consumers become more aware of their environmental effects, developers are reacting by providing sustainable residences. The UAE government has also stated that it will provide long-term residency visas to foreign investors, which is expected to entice additional foreign capital to the country. When combined with the current climate of cheap interest rates, this has enhanced some investors’ interest in real estate investing. In conclusion, the COVID-19 outbreak has had a substantial influence on the UAE off-plan property industry. Despite this, the market is progressively recovering because of the support of the government and developer innovation. With the right strategies in place, the off-plan property market may rebound in the next years, but it is not yet clear when it will reach pre-pandemic levels

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