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How to Buy Properties in Dubai2 min read

How to Buy properties in Dubai

Navigating the administrative, financial, and legal intricacies of purchasing property can be a labyrinthine journey, especially in a diverse landscape like Dubai. Fear not, for our comprehensive 10-step buyer’s guide is tailor-made to shepherd you through this process with ease, ensuring your transition into your new Dubai home is as seamless as possible.

Set a Budget:

Your journey begins with setting a realistic budget. Whether you’re a cash buyer or seeking a mortgage, ensure your funds are accessible in the UAE when the time for transfer arrives.

Get a Mortgage:

If financing is necessary, enlist the support of a reputable mortgage advisor. They’ll facilitate bank pre-approval, essential for determining your spending capacity. Remember, a minimum 20% deposit is typically required for mortgage approval.

Find a RERA Qualified Broker:

Partner with a trustworthy RERA-qualified broker with a proven track record. Request customer testimonials to gauge their reliability. Signing a Form B contract formalizes offer negotiation representation.

Make an Offer:

Armed with mortgage pre-approval and a 10% unit deposit, swiftly initiate negotiations upon finding your ideal property.

Pay the Deposit:

Upon mutual agreement on price, enter a legally binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), documented through the Dubai Brokers App. Issue a current-dated cheque to the seller for 10% of the total unit price, alongside a post-dated commission cheque to your brokerage.

Hire a Conveyancer:

Engage professional conveyancing services to navigate the sales process seamlessly, providing invaluable support at every turn.

Obtain the NOC:

Prior to purchase, ensure the seller obtains a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the developer, confirming the property’s freedom from outstanding service charges.

Block the Property:

If there’s an existing mortgage, undergo a ‘blocking’ process. The seller obtains a liability letter from their bank, after which you visit the Dubai Land Department (DLD) to ‘block’ the property, facilitated through four cheques.

Transfer the Property:

On transfer day, convene at the broker’s office with your conveyancer and the seller. Ensure you have cash or manager’s cheques ready, including the 4% transfer fees cheque for DLD. Upon completion, receive your title deed and property keys/access cards.

Congratulations and Final Steps:

Celebrate your newfound homeownership! Complete the process by registering all utilities under your name, marking the final step towards settling into your new abode.

With this comprehensive guide, navigating the complexities of property acquisition in Dubai becomes a manageable endeavor, paving the way for a smooth transition into your new home.

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