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Which is the biggest real estate company in UAE?5 min read

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Are you interested in the real estate market of UAE but unsure which company dominates it? Look no further! We’ll explore and compare some of the biggest names in UAE’s real estate industry. From world-renowned developers to home-grown brands, we’ll delve into their history, achievements and current projects. So sit back, relax and let’s discover together which company holds the title for being the biggest player in UAE’s real estate scene.

Emaar Properties

Emaar Properties is one of the most recognized and successful real estate developers in the UAE. Founded in 1997, Emaar has played a significant role in transforming Dubai’s landscape into a modern metropolis. With over 60 projects spanning across residential, commercial and hospitality sectors, Emaar has made its mark as an innovative and versatile developer.

Some of their most notable projects include Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world, The Dubai Mall – one of the largest shopping centers globally and Downtown Dubai – an iconic destination known for luxury living.

Emaar’s success can be attributed to its commitment to quality design, attention to detail and sustainability. They have won numerous awards for their innovation such as Best Developer at Arabian Business Awards.

Currently, Emaar is working on several large-scale developments including Dubai Creek Harbour- a mega-development that will house thousands of residents with views of Dubai skyline; Mina Rashid- A waterfront development inspired by cruise-liners; Golf Place Villas- An exclusive community surrounded by lush greenery near golf courses.

Emaar Properties’ portfolio speaks volumes about its capability to deliver exceptional real estate projects time after time again.

Damac Properties

Damac Properties is one of the leading real estate developers in Dubai, UAE. Established in 2002, it has delivered over 29,000 homes and has a development portfolio that includes luxury apartments, villas, townhouses and commercial properties.

Damac Properties boasts an impressive roster of high-profile clients including Donald Trump who collaborated with the company to develop two golf courses in Dubai. The company’s projects are known for their innovative designs and luxurious amenities.

One of Damac’s most notable developments is the Akoya Oxygen project which covers over 55 million square feet and features greenery and open spaces as its centerpiece. This eco-friendly community includes residential units along with retail shops, schools and offices.

In addition to its focus on creating sustainable communities, Damac Properties also places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. It offers a range of services such as property management and concierge services to ensure that residents have access to everything they need within their communities.

Damac Properties’ commitment to innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction make it one of the top real estate companies not only in Dubai but worldwide.

Nakheel Properties

Nakheel Properties is a well-known real estate developer in the UAE. Established in 2001, Nakheel has been responsible for some of the most iconic developments in Dubai. Their portfolio includes master-planned communities like Palm Jumeirah, Deira Islands and The World islands.

One of their most ambitious projects to date is the Deira Mall which is set to become the largest mall in the Middle East with over 1,000 shops and restaurants. In addition to that, they are also developing The Palm Tower, a luxury hotel and residential complex located on Palm Jumeirah.

Nakheel’s commitment to sustainability can be seen through its various initiatives such as recycling programs and using solar power at certain developments. They have also implemented smart technology systems throughout their properties to reduce energy consumption.

Nakheel Properties’ dedication to innovation and sustainability makes them one of the leading players in Dubai’s real estate market.

Meraas Holding

Meraas Holding is a Dubai-based real estate development company that was founded in 2007. The company’s portfolio includes residential, commercial, hospitality, and entertainment properties. Meraas has been instrumental in transforming Dubai’s landscape into an iconic destination for tourists from all over the world.

Meraas Holding has developed some of the most notable landmarks such as City Walk, La Mer Beachfront, Bluewaters Island and Boxpark – all of which have become popular tourist destinations featuring unique architecture and designs.

The company also focuses on developing sustainable projects such as The Green Planet – the region’s first bio-dome that recreates a tropical forest with over 3,000 plants and animals species.

In addition to real estate developments, Meraas Holding operates several lifestyle brands including Roxy Cinemas and Hub Zero – an indoor gaming park offering immersive experiences for gamers of all ages.

Meraas Holding has made significant contributions to Dubai’s growth as one of the leading global cities by creating innovative projects that cater to different segments of society while promoting sustainability.

Azizi Developments

Azizi Developments is a renowned real estate developer in the UAE, known for its exceptional quality and innovative designs. With over 200 projects underway and completed across Dubai, Azizi Developments has become a prominent player in the industry.

The company focuses on developing luxurious residential properties that cater to different lifestyles, from high-end apartments to villas and townhouses. They also prioritize sustainability by implementing eco-friendly practices during construction.

What sets Azizi Developments apart from other developers is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They listen to their clients’ needs and provide them with customized solutions that exceed expectations.

Additionally, they offer flexible payment plans that make homeownership more accessible for everyone. This approach has earned them many loyal customers who trust Azizi Developments for all of their property needs.

Azizi Developments continues to impress with its dedication to excellence in every aspect of real estate development.


After reviewing the top real estate companies in the UAE, it is clear that Emaar Properties stands out as the largest and most well-known company. With its impressive portfolio of iconic developments such as Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall, Emaar has set itself apart from other players in the market.

However, this doesn’t mean that other companies like Damac Properties, Nakheel Properties, Meraas Holding or Azizi Developments aren’t worth considering. Each of them brings unique strengths and offerings to the table that cater to different segments of buyers.

Ultimately, when choosing a real estate company in UAE for your property needs, it’s important to do thorough research and consider factors such as reputation, track record, location proximity and price affordability. By doing so you will be able to make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and preferences.

In conclusion (just kidding!), we hope this article has been helpful in shedding light on some of the biggest real estate companies operating in UAE. We wish you all the best in finding your dream home or investment opportunity!

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