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Did you know that the average person spends more than six hours a day at home? That’s plenty of time to relax while also getting things done. Here are some suggestions for making your space feel more like a home than a room:
  1. Colors that will make you happy should be the top priority. Consider painting your walls with your favorite color. Alternatively, choose colors that remind you of something enjoyable or relaxing.
  2. Make your space smell amazing by using candles, incense, or essential oils.
  3. To add interest to a plain wall, hang photos or artwork.
  4. Make sure your furniture is comfortable. A place where everyone can talk without feeling like they are sinking into the ground.
What if you buy a plot and build your dream house or townhouse or villa? Design and participate in the construction of your new home from its exteriors up to the interiors. There are numerous lands for sale in Abu Dhabi, ideal for a new home either outside or within the city. Here are some residential plots for sale in the capital: PLOTS THAT ARE AVAILABLE TO ALL NATIONALITIES
  • Saadiyat Reserve Plots location is only few minutes’ away from the island’s white sand beaches. Create your ideal home, leave within close vicinity to the protected wildlife and the capital’s Cultural District.
  • West Yas Plots is significantly located in a spot that is overlooking the natural mangroves around Yas Island A waterfront community of West Yas that has easy access to the island’s leisure and dining facilities.
  • Lea Plots is in neighborhood on the north side of Yas Island. Its location is near to the parks, the promenade, swimming pools, and other amenities.
  • Al Reeman Plots is a mix use project that is available to all nationalities. Located in Al Shamkha, minutes away from Abu Dhabi Airport, Masdar City and Yas Island. The community will bring traditional living the 20th century, the past and present in one location.
  • Al Merief Plots are exclusive and limited land plots located in the Khalifa City that offers a combined Emarati tradition with modern amenities. Residents can design and build a home that perfectly meets the needs and requirements of their family. While it is beautifully designed with beautifully designed lawns, sheltered gardens, and various recreational facilities to enjoy a natural environment with 24-hour security.
  • Nareel Island Plots is in an ideal location on the capital’s coast, with some of the iconic buildings as part of your daily view. This exclusive and elite island offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure the family by building a home that would last up to the future generation. This gated community will feature a swimming lagoon, open parks throughout the island, private beaches, gardens, and driveways for a more exclusive living experience for UAE families.
  • Al Gurm Plots offers limited number of plots that will be ready by the second quarter of 2024. A chance to enjoy exclusive island living in this lovely beachfront community that is located between the city, the sea, and the mangroves. Treasure the moments with natures abundance and world class amenities. Villas in this community will have infinity pool, garden, and secluded beach.
PERSONALIZE YOURE HOME There are residential projects that come along with color schemes that buyers can choose according to their desire. Here are a few projects that offers villa for sale in Abu Dhabi that interiors can be customized. Warm tone or cool tone interiors Noya Phase 1 is a community that has 2 to 4 bedrooms townhouses and villas that will be ready by 2023 Noya Luma and Noya Viva this communities will hold 2 to 5 bedrooms townhouses and villas that will be ready by 2024. The Dahlias a community of 2-to-4-bedroom townhouses and villas that will be ready by 2024. The Magnolias this community has 2 to 6 bedrooms villas and townhouses and will be ready by 2024. Arabic, Contemporary or Mediterranean exterior Fay Al Reeman is the first and only project in Abu Dhabi that offers options on how you want your exterior to look like. It has 3-to-6-bedroom villas with big plots. Will be ready by 2025 The capital goes beyond to realize the country’s vision of becoming the most developed and thriving city in the region. On the residential side, it ranks first in providing home buyers with excellent homes and the assurance of an exceptional living experience. Whether you are looking for ready units, land, or an off-plan residential complex, Abu Dhabi is the place to find world-class communities with first-rate amenities and facilities. Contact US Al Zaeem  Real Estate in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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