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9 Ways Real Estate in Abu Dhabi Can Suck the Life Out of You10 min read

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Are you planning on moving to Abu Dhabi? Or perhaps you’re already living there and experiencing the harsh realities of the real estate market. From high rent prices to a lack of cultural activities, real estate in Abu Dhabi can truly suck the life out of you. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ll go over nine ways that living in Abu Dhabi’s property market can leave you feeling drained and frustrated. So buckle up and get ready for an eye-opening read about the challenges of real estate in Abu Dhabi.

The Rent is Too High

Abu Dhabi is known for its luxurious lifestyle, but that luxury comes at a steep price. The cost of rent in Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly one of the most significant expenses you’ll face when living here. It’s not uncommon to see exorbitant prices for even modestly-sized apartments.

The high rental rates can make it challenging to find an affordable place to call home. Even if you’re lucky enough to find something within your budget, chances are it won’t be in the most desirable location or have all the amenities you need.

To give you an idea of just how expensive rent can be in Abu Dhabi, consider this: a studio apartment could cost anywhere from AED 30,000-60,000 per year (USD 8,167 – 16,334). For more spacious accommodations like a two-bedroom apartment or villa with a garden and pool area will set you back around AED 150,000-300,000 annually (USD 40k – 81k).

It’s no wonder that many people struggle with paying their monthly rent on time or resorting to sharing accommodation with roommates they barely know.

In addition to the high rents themselves comes also additional costs such as security deposits and administrative fees which only add up over time making renting properties in Abu Dhabi extremely pricey.

You Can’t Find a Place to Live

One of the biggest challenges that people face when moving to Abu Dhabi is finding a suitable place to live. With such a high demand for housing, it can be difficult to find an apartment or villa that meets your needs and budget.

The first thing you need to consider when looking for accommodation in Abu Dhabi is your budget. The cost of living in this city is notoriously high, so you’ll need to be prepared to pay a premium for housing. This means that you may have to downsize from what you’re used to or look further out from the city center.

Another challenge with finding accommodation in Abu Dhabi is the lack of availability. While there are plenty of properties available on paper, many are already occupied or have been snapped up by other renters before they even hit the market.

Navigating the rental market in Abu Dhabi can be tricky if you’re not familiar with local customs and regulations. You may encounter landlords who require large upfront payments or who refuse certain types of tenants based on their nationality or religion.

Finding a place to live in Abu Dhabi requires patience and persistence but it’s possible with research and guidance from property experts!

The Cost of Living is Outrageous

Living in Abu Dhabi is not cheap. In fact, it can be quite expensive for expats and locals alike. The cost of living includes housing, food, transportation, entertainment, and more.

One of the biggest expenses in Abu Dhabi is housing. Rent prices are incredibly high compared to other cities in the region. Even a small apartment could cost thousands of dollars per month.

Food is also expensive in Abu Dhabi. While there are many options available at different price points, eating out regularly can quickly add up.

Transportation costs include owning or renting a car as well as fuel and parking fees. Public transportation options such as buses and taxis are available but may not always be convenient or affordable.

Entertainment options like going to the movies or visiting theme parks can also be costly. This means that residents often have to choose between saving money and enjoying their free time with friends and family.

While Abu Dhabi offers many benefits such as safety and stability, its high cost of living can put a strain on finances for both expats and locals alike.

The Traffic is Terrible

Abu Dhabi is notorious for its frustrating traffic. It’s a city that has grown quickly, and infrastructure improvements have struggled to keep up with the pace of development. Rush hour can be a nightmare, with bumper-to-bumper traffic in many areas throughout the city.

The problem isn’t just limited to cars either; public transportation options are limited in Abu Dhabi, meaning commuters often rely on their vehicles to get around. This leads to overcrowded roads and long commutes. Even outside of peak hours, it’s not uncommon to encounter heavy congestion.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution on the horizon. The population continues to grow, and construction projects continue at breakneck speed without much thought given as to how people will move around once they’re complete.

For those who value their time and sanity while commuting, living in Abu Dhabi can feel like an exercise in frustration. It’s important for anyone considering relocating here or investing in real estate property first consider this aspect before making any decisions.

There’s Nothing to Do

Abu Dhabi is a beautiful city, but when it comes to entertainment, there seems to be a lack of options. It’s no secret that Abu Dhabi can get boring pretty quickly if you’re not familiar with the city or have nothing planned. If you’re looking for an exciting night out on the town, you might find yourself disappointed.

While there are some tourist attractions such as Ferrari World and Yas Waterworld, these can become repetitive quite quickly. The issue with these attractions is that they require a lot of money and time to fully enjoy. For locals or long-term residents who may have already visited them several times in the past, they might not seem like an option anymore.

In terms of nightlife, things are also limited in Abu Dhabi compared to other metropolitan cities around the world. While there are plenty of bars and clubs scattered throughout the city, most close early because alcohol sales stop at 1am (except during Ramadan) due to UAE laws.

So what can one do in their free time? Well, fortunately for those willing to explore beyond obvious choices; from beaches like Saadiyat Beach Club or Corniche Beach all along Al Maryah Island which offer water sports activities and relaxing views; shopping malls featuring high-end brands and local designers offering unique products; museums sharing Islamic art history alongside contemporary pieces by international artists such as Louvre Abu Dhabi- which houses works from Van Gogh among others -there really are hidden gems worth discovering in this sprawling desert metropolis!

It’s Too Hot

Living in Abu Dhabi can be unbearable due to the intense heat. The scorching temperatures that soar well above 40 degrees Celsius can leave you feeling exhausted and drained. The hot climate means you have to limit your outdoor activities, and even when you do venture out, it’s difficult to stay cool.

The humidity adds to the discomfort, making everything feel sticky and damp. It becomes challenging to find respite from the heat as air conditioning is a necessity rather than a luxury in Abu Dhabi.

The hot weather also affects your mood, leaving you irritable and frustrated with no escape from the oppressive heat. You may find yourself longing for cooler climates or daydreaming about spending time in air-conditioned spaces.

Moreover, staying hydrated becomes crucial as dehydration can sneak up on you quickly in such conditions. Keeping water close by at all times is essential as not doing so could lead to health complications.

While some people may enjoy warmer temperatures, living with extreme heat year-round can take its toll on both physical and mental wellbeing. It’s imperative always to take care of oneself during these trying times.

The People are Rude

Living in Abu Dhabi can be a challenge, especially when it comes to dealing with the people. While there are many friendly and welcoming individuals, some residents can come off as rude or dismissive. This can make it difficult to build relationships and feel at home in the city.

One of the reasons why people may seem rude is due to cultural differences. In Abu Dhabi, personal space is highly valued, so physical contact or prolonged eye contact may be considered intrusive or disrespectful. Additionally, direct communication and confrontation are not common practices, which can lead to misunderstandings or perceived rudeness.

Another factor that contributes to this issue is the fast-paced lifestyle of many residents in Abu Dhabi. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can leave people feeling stressed and impatient, causing them to act curtly towards others.

Furthermore, language barriers can also play a role in miscommunication and perceived rudeness. English may not be everyone’s first language in Abu Dhabi, leading to difficulties in expressing oneself clearly or understanding others fully.

While encountering rude behavior from others may be frustrating or disheartening at times, it’s important to remember that every individual has their own story and struggles. By practicing empathy and understanding cultural nuances, we can work towards building stronger connections within our community despite these challenges.

There’s No Culture

Abu Dhabi is a city that’s often criticized for its lack of cultural offerings. While the city has made strides in recent years to build world-class museums and cultural centers, there’s still a long way to go.

One of the biggest challenges facing Abu Dhabi when it comes to culture is diversity. The vast majority of people living here are expats from around the world, which means that many cultural traditions simply aren’t represented.

Furthermore, while some effort has been made to promote Emirati culture through initiatives like National Day celebrations and programs at Qasr Al Hosn, there isn’t enough focus on preserving and promoting local traditions.

Another issue is accessibility. Many museums and galleries can be difficult or expensive to get into, making them inaccessible for many residents who might otherwise be interested in exploring new art forms or learning about history.

Despite these challenges, there are pockets of vibrant artistic communities throughout Abu Dhabi – from street artists creating murals downtown to musicians performing at pop-up venues throughout the city.

It’s clear that more needs to be done if Abu Dhabi wants to become a true cultural hub – but with continued investment in infrastructure and support for local artists and traditions, there’s hope yet!


To sum it up, while there are certainly many advantages to living in Abu Dhabi, the real estate market can be a major source of frustration and stress. From sky-high rents to limited affordable housing options, navigating the housing market here can feel like an uphill battle.

Moreover, issues such as high cost of living and traffic congestion only add further strain to residents already struggling with finding suitable accommodation. However, despite these challenges, Abu Dhabi continues to offer a unique blend of modernity and tradition that makes it an exciting place to live.

If you’re considering moving here or have already made the leap, don’t let the real estate woes get you down. With some patience and perseverance (and perhaps a little help from a reliable agent), you’ll find your ideal home in no time – one that meets all your needs without sucking the life out of you!

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